Hyde Park

Hyde Park, Britain’s best-known and largest royal Park, is located on the west side of Buckingham Palace, separated by a single wall.  The park covers an area of 2.5 square kilometres and is divided into Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens by The Nine-Crooked Lake.  The existence of such an endless green field in a noisy city brings a lot of joy to visitors.  

Speakers’ Corner, the riding trail and the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain are some of the park’s more popular attractions.  

Before the 18th century, it was the deer farm of the King of England.  In 1851, Queen Victoria first held the London International Exposition here.  The park also has horse-riding lanes, and from time to time, people on Western horses can be seen floating by.  Many others lay on the lawns in the sun, getting a sense of the laid-back side of local life.